We start packing as soon as you got paid.

BentoDelivery is fulfillment service that works perfectly with your online store.


You can not grow if your time is
wasted on endless operation.

Just confirm that you got paid through BentoWeb's backend, we will start our fulfillment processes and ship items to your customers. BentoDelivery allows you to have more time to focus on main area of your business.

You can not grow if your time is wasted on endless operation.

Let us help you automate your business

BentoDelivery provides fast, simple, and affordable order fulfillment services that you can depend on. We help you reduce your operation costs and increase opportunity to expand your businesses..

Safely store your items

Safely store your items

For accurate storage and packing, we use barcode technology throughout our fulfillment processes. We make sure that your product items are stored in safe environment.

Item registration fees

1 - 99 items 5 credits per item
100 - 499 items 3 credits per item
500 items or more 2 credits per item

Storage fee

120 x 60 x 46.8 CM : 250 credits per month

No storage fee if items are packed and shipped within 5 days of arrival.

Picking and packing your orders

Picking and packing your orders

Picking and packing processes will start immediately after you got paid. Our processes include:

  • Picking items from storages
  • Wrap them up with bubbles or plastic wrap
  • Attach sticker, insert name card, receipt, or brochure
  • Weighting and attaching delivery label

Picking and packing fee

Start from 30 credits per order per box

The fee includes, order picking, wrapping and boxing materials, labeling, and inserting receipt or brochure in the box.

Deliver through service providers you trust

We work with leading shipping providers you trust such as Thai Post, AlphaFast, DHL, SCG Express, or Kerry Express to deliver your items to your customers. We also help you inform your customers that the orders have been shipped as well.

Delivery fee

Actual cost based on delivery providers

Stop wasting time and distracting yourself
and start growing your business
to the next level

BentoDelivery is a fulfillment solution that will completely
change the way how you look at E-commerce

After suffering from packing and delivering by ourselves, we realized that E-commerce had turned to be cumbersome burden that locked us away from freedom that we are looking for at the beginning. We tried to look for other fulfillment companies, but transferring data back and forth was even more tiring. BentoDelivery has changed the way we work with its one stop solution and simple pricing. Now we have real freedom and are more confident with our expansion without worrying about operations ever again.

As soon as we use BentoDelivery, stock management and delivery has become the most easiest tasks. We can focus more on marketing. Their customer service is top notch. They reply and solve our problems instantaneously. We are very happy with BentoDelivery services.

We have used BentoDelivery to deliver more than 10,000 orders and we haven't got any issue! If you want to sell online and don't want to bother with any E-commerce operations, you better use BentoWeb and spend your time wisely on other aspects like marketing.

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