Get on top of
your orders

We help you manage inventory, keep track status of each order, collaborate with your team, and more.

Get all top of your orders
Accept orders easily, everywhere

Accept orders easily, everywhere

BentoWeb makes sure that you can response to them easily in a timely manner.

BentoWeb prepares your storefronts and redirect your customers to the most appropriate one.

Order coming from chat? No problem. BentoPOS helps you issue new orders without having to worry about inventory.

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You are always in control

You are always in control

BentoWeb summarizes statuses of each order. You will know how many orders are coming in, which orders need your payment verifications, and how many orders are ready for delivery.

We will send email notifications to you and your customers each time there are changes in order statuses .

Your inventory,
your way

We decrease chances of getting errors and
increase sales opportunities for you.

Your inventory, your way
  • Choose how you want your inventory to be deducted

    You can choose inventory deduction method between deduct immediately after your customer make a purchase or only deduct when invoice is actually get paid.

  • Choose if you want to display remaining stock quantity

    You can choose to hide or show number of remaining items in your shop. Just make a simple selection on your store admin.

  • What happens when your products are out of stock

    You can hide out of stock items or display them along with out of stock badges and give option to your customers to be notified when they are refilled.

Never miss a sales

We help manage inventory and
with your customers
to reduce numbers of lost sales.

Never miss a sales opportunity
  • Set expiration date for your invoices

    Invoice will be automatically canceled if your customers do not make payment before time you specified and BentoWeb will return those quantity back to your inventory.

  • Automatically notify your customers about refilled items

    You customers will have an option to leave their email on product pages and get notified when those products are refilled.

  • Abandoned cart recovery email

    We automatically send out abandoned cart recovery email the next day to those customers who have added products to their shopping cart but failed to check out.

  • Alert your customers to complete their payments

    1 day before invoice expiration date, BentoWeb automatically send out email to alert your customers to complete their payments

See important information at a glance

No more headache hunting for order information. Everything you need is here in one place.

See important information at a glance
  • Every detail about your customers

    Important details such as customer contact information, delivery address, transaction history and their special requests are well-organized within a order page.

  • Faster and error-free order management

    Call to action buttons on an order page are corresponded with current order status for faster and error-free order management.

  • Enjoy smoother communications

    We send out emails and store every information in one place to make sure that both customers and store owners are well-informed about every progress of each order.

Enjoy easier delivery with BentoWeb

We setup work flow and prepare every tool you need so that you can deliver orders to your customers fast.

Enjoy easier delivery with BentoWeb
  • We tell you which orders need your attentions
    We tell you which orders need your attentions

    We consolidate and keep track order statuses from every sales channel so that you can know right away how many order need to be delivered at the end of the day.

  • Picking slip to the rescue
    Picking slip to the rescue

    No more worrying about delivering wrong items to your customers. We prepare picking slip for every delivery cycle so you know what item and how much to grab from your warehouse.

  • Print out receipts and mailing labels
    Print out receipts and mailing labels

    You can print out mailing labels and receipts along with promotional messages out in batch directly from your store admin. So no more juggling around with spreadsheets again.

  • Use bar code scanner to pair orders with tracking numbers
    Use bar code scanner to pair orders with tracking numbers

    Tired of manually typing tracking number and fear of missing a digit or two? You can use bar code scanner to pair orders with tracking number and never have to fear about mistake again.

  • Full integrations with Thailand Post
    Full integrations with Thailand Post

    Send out a thank you email with tracking number to each customers and let them see in real time where the parcels are. Your online shop is integrated with Thailand Post so it is very easy to see delivery status of each orders.

Print documents out from your store admin

Immediately add professionalism and credibility to your online business

Keep your customer at peace with delivery status update via SMS

only 1.30 Credit per order

  • BentoWeb will use tracking number you specified in delivery process to check with Thailand Post and automatically inform your customers about location update of their parcels via SMS
  • We send out SMS 3 times a day: 10.30, 15.30, and 18.30
Keep your customer at peace with delivery status update via SMS

Easily assign role for your team members

BentoWeb helps you collaborate with your team in your own terms

Admin roles

Store owner Store manager Product manager Accountant Delivery manager Customer service Salesperson Warehouse supervisor
Manage sales order
Manage orders, access sales order and inventory reports
Manage product information
Add/edit/hidden/active/delete products and inventory
Create custom order with BentoPOS
Accept orders directly from Facebook Messenger, LINE and Instagram
Verify sales orders
Verify payment, print out receipts, mailing labels, and etc.
Support customers
View sales order information and make chages to delivery address
Manage delivery
inform customers about delivery status
Shop settings
Edit shop descriptions and make changes to payment and delivery settings
Marketing promotions
Set up discount policies and access customer information
Connect your shop with Facebook page
Integrating shop with Facebook pages
Manage shop admins
Invite or remove team member to manage your shop
Manage your orders on the go

Manage your orders on the go

BentoWeb Mobile App helps you manage your orders on the go. You can check out details of every order, issue receipts, or even track your own shipments right from your phone.

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