We pay attention
to little details

When everyone one is trying so
hard to win customers,
it is often
the little things that make you stay
ahead of competitions.

We pay attention to little details
E-commerce platform that built to scale
E-commerce platform
that built to scale

Start your business on a solid foundation. BentoWeb is the leading cloud E-commerce platform that move your business forward with maximum stability and efficiency.

100% email deliverability
100% email deliverability

We do everything we can to deliver every invoice and receipt to your customers' inboxes. Yes, we are talking about 100% email delivery rate.

Ready for conversion tracking and retargeting
Ready for conversion tracking
and retargeting

Just put your Facebook Pixel ID, Google conversion label, or Google conversion ID in the store admin panel, then you can do paid advertising like a pro in no time.

Google Analytic E-commerce tracking
Google Analytic E-commerce tracking

You can analyze transaction data with zero coding experience on Google Analytics. All you have to do is putting your Google Analytic ID in the store admin panel and you are good to go.

How BentoWeb help you get up close and personal with search engine?

The more search engine knows more about you, the better your search ranking is going to be

BentoWeb loves Google
Free SSL/TLS certificate

Encrypted with SSL/TLS certificate. Free of charge.

All online shops under .bentoweb.com sub domain come encrypted with SSL/TLS certificate by default. Thus, there is no additional cost for you. However, if you would like to use your own domain name, you can purchase dedicated SSL certificate from us.

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BentoWeb fully supports mobile devices

Built for mobile devices

Mobile supported websites perform much better on search engine. That is the very reason why we design your storefronts specifically for every digital device and redirect your customers to the most appropriate storefront.

BentoWeb is built for Google search engine

Built for search engine

BentoWeb is written on structures that well acquainted by search engine which allow it to be effectively indexed and provides more attractive looks of search result page.

Immediately notify search engine

Immediately notify search engine

As soon as you finish editing or adding products to your store, BentoWeb immediately notify major search engines to come index your last updated information. Everything happens automatically.

It is easier to fill out delivery address

Just enter zip code, our system will select relevant province, city/district, and sub district automatically along with preview for your customers to see.

We also remember every delivery address your customers filled out, thus there is no need to re-enter it again.

It is easier to fill out delivery address
Leveraging voice of your customers

Leveraging voice of your customers

Customers can give their reviews and ratings on items purchased from your store. The better you serve your customer, the more positive rating you will get.

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