Run your online business
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Run your online business from your phone
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Manage orders from anywhere, anytime

Manage orders from anywhere, anytime

Your business still move on even when you are away. Get real time notifications and see complete snapshot of your order statuses with BentoWeb App.

You can easily update status of each order right from your phone and our system will handle all necessary email communications automatically.

Add new products from your phone

Add new products from your phone

Create new product items, specify selling prices, take product shots, and manage inventory from your mobile phone.

Store owner can also add, delete, hide, sort, or put products into categories in anyway you like with BentoWeb App.

Use barcode to manage inventory

Use barcode to manage inventory

BentoWeb App comes equipped with barcode scanner. You can use camera in your mobile phone to quickly identify product items with barcodes.

Simply turn on barcode scanner and snap products' barcode with your phone, BentoWeb App will identify the associated item for quick and easy inventory update.

Your products do not have barcode? No worry ^^ You can use ones that are automatically generated from your store admin right away.

Immediately track your deliveries

Immediately track your deliveries

Did you know that you can track your deliveries through BentoWeb App from your mobile phone?

BentoWeb use tracking numbers that you put in to keeps track your deliveries with Thailand Post. We separate orders into delivery statuses
so that you can serve your customers better.

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